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Hi there! It’s @MaximeJavel and @Nerd0016 from Pharrell Williams World and here are our reviews after testing the forum:

:vulcan_salute: For better immersion, it would be cool if the message we receive when creating a new account could be more Startrak themed!

:vulcan_salute: Seeing more information of each member when they post / reply by moving the mouse over their avatar (which open a pop up with their infos) or write them as a little notice under their post, it helps knowing each other faster

:vulcan_salute: On mobile you can download a shortlink to the forum which use the blue Startrak png logo on white background. It could be cool if it’s possible to have it on black background instead (but that’s a detail)

:vulcan_salute: Clicking on a link should open a new tab instead of opening it in the actual one because it leaves the forum

:vulcan_salute: When we reply to a comment, automatically integrate the quote of the comment that we want to reply and always let the text box open at the bottom of the topic to make it faster to talk (instead of clicking on reply to open it). It will differentiates the replies from the new comments

:vulcan_salute: The integration of social networks posts with videos (from Instagram and Twitter) does not work

:vulcan_salute: In the Interface preferences, we can choose different color scheme but only the dark one seems to work

:vulcan_salute: It could be cool to personalize the badges in order to make them more Startrak themed

:vulcan_salute: Also personalize the name and the text of the discobot for better immersion

:vulcan_salute: Re-introducing the Bape cartoon character editor would be dope to make everyone create their avatar for the forum and spread the movement (including new clothes from latest P’s collaborations)

Everything else seems to work very well. Thanks for the good work and opportunity to try it and hopefully, to give a little help! We’re so glad the forum is BACK! Lot of good things are gonna happen here! THANK YOU @Fishbucket @Startrak