Art Club - Wedding Thing ('20)

Like I always say, this was one of my favorite catalogs that helped me escape my 2020 depression and other things like that. Shouts to the general Solace Bowden (a.k.a Happiest Kid In The World, Soly) (from The Paltz, New York) and the rest of the fam that put everything on this record. My man Soly is not only an artist I met from Audiotool in 2016. Not only just a producer. He’s a human being regardless. Lo-fi and vaporwave type of beats, they’ve been in my heart for 7 years in a half, and I pray the music will never leave my spirit. The marriage to our craft, in advance, still deserve so much good vibes. Let them say the peeps are random and weird, I don’t care. Can’t nothing stop me from musically communicating. We’re no strangers, don’t forget that.

I know it’s way too early and it ain’t June yet, but as you don’t mind me celebrating this joint in advance, please be patient with how we make our projects as you listen.

My favorite song from this joint is “OK Go,” “Stain” and “Chopeye.” These three were multiple new levels to me when I listened to them.