Favorite graphic designers/photographers/illustrators/artists of all time

  1. Takashi Murakami
  2. George Condo
  3. Joe R. Perez
  4. Virgil Abloh (I was he was still alive forever. Rest easy, my friend.)
  5. DONDA
  6. Francoise Gamma
  7. Givenchy
  8. Fake Shore Drive (The wonderful guys that made the College Dropout Bear mascot. I remember wanting to draw my own version of the mascot.)
  9. Sterling Ruby (homie who did the Pusha album cover)
  10. Hype Williams
  11. Nabil
  12. Justin Clark
  13. Terry Richardson
  14. [The most snazzy and classy] Chanelle Rose
  15. Joe Cool (He not only did covers Snoop Dogg, but everybody known to man as well)
  16. Mark Ryden (Admirers for people like Michael Jackson and Tyler, The Creator)
  17. NIGO and Bape/Human Made (Almost forgot I drew my own Pharrell figure in summer 2015/2016 [and during summer '16, I put my cornrows and my fanmade Fit For Rivals t-shirt or my own clothes on it], cause it was a Flash made BAPE character maker going on like… forever.)
  18. Nick Knight

There’s a lot more on my dream list. (Lol) I always dream to be like one of them or have one of them sprinkle magic for me since a child.