Imagine me and that Kanye West spirit again

It’s been about 13 years since I used to be a fan of Kanye West. I used to be wanting to look, dress, sound like, and come up with ideas just like him when I was a toddler. [Plus drawing the same bear before I got old and started drawing my own OC bear styles and drawing female peers as like… homegrown Amy Rose, SEGA style type characters.] When I first peeped some of my favorite old school Ye joints, it was a whole bliss. From televison to the internet, I’m talking… KanyeUniverseCity-- y’know, some Daft Punk, MJ, T-Pain, Shockwave Flash, YouTube, So So Def, Roc-A-Fella, GTA IV, elementary school, BET, MTV, VH1 Soul, using pen/pencils/bike pumps or other accessible items and dust pans as microphones and mic stands, more of the fun goes on.

Fast forward to about spring/summer 2016, I came across Audiotool again and peeped all the samples that were uploaded nonstop before the shutdown and ressurection in 2018. As soon as I kept flipping them samples, I had people comparing me to Kanye West or other influencers, especially drums and melodies, and even made a few beats that be sounding like some songs Ye could’ve did on College Dropout before me. [Like how I used to remixed that on joint “Don’t Leave,” but replace them drums on some Slow Jamz with Jamie Foxx type shit.]

But regardless of differences whether as a fan or just a regular person, fast forward to when I got a bit older and ended my fandom of Ye twice in 2017 and 2019 due to politics and headaches. But until, I calmed down when I came across DONDA like 4 years later-- When I heard Ye giving people that vintage 808s vibes on “Remote Control,” “God Breathed,” or other tracks that I like in my opinion, some of them tracks hit me like “Man, ykw?” And all of a sudden during social media depression and suicide, that was I started becoming a fan of Ye again, which is funny.

Fast forward to this month. Few Saturdays ago, I went back to peeping Sunday Service again. And while I was watching Sunday Service’s performance from 2019 and my mom was rebraiding my hair (cause I picked the fishbone cornrows style), both my parents loved the fact that he put out Jesus Is King. Like, literally their favorite song is “God Is,” while mine was “Everything We Need,” “Closed On Sunday,” and [Sunday Service’s] “Every Hour,” and it made me think “Would it be excellent if I invite Ye’s choir to my dad’s church? Because this is fire.” Mom agreed and so did Dad.

Later, I told my peers from the Soulection Discord about the Sunday Service joints, and one of them loved it heavily.

But on the personal note, if I wanna meet Kanye in person for the first time, maybe I would help address our differences-- as if it’s in terms of preferences, creative or personal interests, religion, surviving from beeing given bad names on the internet, you name it all. Except the fact that Ye was still trying to push that 2024 presidential campaign I hated, but instead of wanting to actually kill him when I see him in the future, I would try to calm down and address my problems with his political agenda, and why I’m making my decision to not vote anymore because of the shenanigans in America and I’m being institutionalized inside over social media, and plus why I kept being quick to attack those that don’t respect where I come from and my reference points, due to my change of perspective, purpose, and/or perception.