Kanye/Just Blaze

I remember seeing @thecollinb say on the forum in like 04 that Bink was the originator of the Just Blaze branded soul sample sound of the time, and I couldn’t unhear it after that. It’s funny hearing Kanye call Just a biter now, seemingly out of nowhere. Everyone familiar with Bink rushed to his IG to see his reaction, because he’s been on that campaign for years and also came at JUSTICE League, Jake One, & Praize.

Now that I think about it… :thinking:

I’m uniformed :joy:

to add to calling bullshit on Ye, on “Last Call” off College Dropout Kanye even mentions that Just started popping at the same time Ye was at Rocafella.

Bink is dope, he definitely had the sprinkles and handclap formula on lock. Just ended up getting way more attention and bigger placements comparatively. Maybe it was the JUST BLAZE as libs haha

the “Blueprint” to that sound can be heard in “Don’t Leave” by Blackstreet, which Bink produced. Teddy Riley added his embellishments, but you can listen back in hindsight and hear the way he manipulated the DeBarge sample. It deceptively sounds like a loop, but you’ll try it and wonder why it doesn’t line up. And that came out in 1997. Just Blaze definitely mimicked him, but that kind of became the assignment during that album process. Insult to injury was Bink not signing to Roc the World management and Jay-Z branding “Just Blaze & the Blazettes”. But even Kanye was working under D-Dot from the Hitmen before he came around Just Blaze.