Life sucks

Ever been taken advantage of by people that disrespect and assassinate your character by bullying you, blocking you God knows what,
being overprotective, and taking every one of your words out of context (plus getting nasty attitudes and tryna make you out to be a bad guy/victim or canceling you)? Because I have.

That night after I took my shower, I spoke to the peeps from the Soulection Discord server that I was and still actually suicidal over these demons plenty of times. So I was advised to take a hiatus from Twitter and Instagram for a while, not just due to my mental distress, but I needed more time to think of ways of payback. I deleted a few tweets because of me not knowing that drama I caused even pissed me off.

Being blocked after apologizing or whatever, to this day, still annoys me and all that is what’s making me evil on the inside, and I don’t like remaining evil. But the same niggas that made me like this are the reason why my mental health is important, and I wish there’s a platform to help me squash this so-called division so it don’t come out wrong.

I also be saying this, I know I admit all of my wrongs, already apologized, and I’m still sick of their lack of sympathy right after I keep apologizing.

You said what you needed to say to whoever and if they don’t accept it…it’s all good because it shouldn’t stop you from living your life. People come and go and that’s fine. Luckily we live in an age where you can befriend more people than before. It’s just up to you to choose wisely.

Speaking on myself, I don’t let shit like that bother me because I’m at a point in my life where I only do the things and talk to the people that make me happy.


What @PatrickPryor said is the best thing to focus on. You’ll be surprised how many people are going through that same tough process. It’s good you have the ability to be honest with yourself and admit your shortcomings. Many people place too much pride in themselves to make corrections. You were born to learn about life and to find your purpose which is going to be the example you would set for others to observe and follow. Hardships are your training to help you know the process and what it takes to become resilient and move forward with the knowledge you gain from your mishaps so you know how to make wiser choice and consider all your options. Trial and error, generational cycles etc., cannot be broken until a person takes a stand to hold themselves accountable. You held yourself accountable and that matters. You done your best to resolve the situation. What they do with the opportunity to clear the air and learn their own lesson of forgiveness is out of your hands. Gotta forgive yourself, redirect and let go. That situation is no more. Can’t change the past or seek closure waiting for other people to give you permission to move forward. That would cause more damage to your spirit.

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