Mars & Venus - Live Practice Session

This is my band Jupiter Muse. Was just going over some past videos. Thought I’d share something original of mine that I wrote/created. I come up with everything in the originals, lyrics, bass, guitar, I’m playing keys & singing. Sometimes I have the beats already arranged and laid out and I have my drummer add his personal touch to them or have him come up with an entire different beat on the spot.

It’s a little bittersweet because my drummer is thinking that he might move away from the valley so, I guess that means I’m going to have to fly solo once again. So, yeah… Just a little bummed about it. But I’ll be cool. Just gotta keep doing what I’m doing. I believe everything is falling into place as it has to. I just got to work on getting my own drum set now and start practicing. I have one that my uncle gave to me but I’m particular about what I want. I have all my skins picked out already too. It’s gonna be dope.

Anyway… I hope you like the rough footage.