Now that Star Trak is making a comeback as a label

Who would you like to see put something out under them?

Ummm, where? I haven’t seen or heard anything about this.

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Nah. I’ve always thought this was a fan made page; Never anything official.

It’s official

If it is, they would’ve at least show themselves.

I see…

I mean maybe they aren’t liable to speak on it just yet.

I’m with you Patrick, I believe it is an official label relaunch on the way. However, when we think of Star Trak, many of us think of The Neptunes. If they aren’t apart of this relaunch serving as the production team for the albums being released, then it’s hard for me to say which artists should drop with them. Their sound is Star Trak. Without their input, it will feel like just another label with a great past. IMO


This is an interesting perspective. I’ve actually been wondering the same thing. In my opinion, they may be involved but probably not as they were in 2002 (and other years). Although, they did produce for their artists at the time; there were other producers featured on their artists projects that were released. Maybe they are trying to find people who truly embody what Star Trak stood for. Who knows…


i think thats just shae trying to convince p and chad to come work

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