Off-topic... but how about some shoutouts

Shouts out to Tenny Whyte, Reon Vanger, Patrick Pryor, Reggie Volume, Bear Haley, Stiggy James, Eyme Santos, Vontaii, Solace Newton (from his group Art Club, he was born in New Paltz, NY), Christian Kennedy, Mace The Goat, VVRRVA, @PharrellPhan (knew her from Twitter), Harrison Carter, Couren The Producer, Kisslow, P. Tree, Xitruc NiVri, Dakkari, and my favorite online peers from the Soulection Discord: Kari’m, Mano, Alex, Shrooot, Tellymundo, Max Li (aka Absconded) and Samaria C.

Times I’ve been randomly discovering people on the internet is still crazy to a lot of folks, but they will mostly encourage folks to also remember to next time be careful who or what we give all our energy over. You’re not alone, and neither am I. Only the strong survive heavily, no matter if you’re teased or turned down on. I’m just glad to be here still.


Never forget @OtherzPodcast.