Snoop Dogg - BUSH ('16)

Seeing that the forum was gone when this album dropped, what did y’all think of this project? This was the first time in a long time P and Chad did an album together. This in my opinion is Snoop’s second best album ever. I felt like that album could’ve been a new lane for Snoop as far as sound.


this project was EVERYTHING! I still blast This City and I Knew That. People really slept on this album.


It’s one you can play on repeat. I can play it at work because it’s clean. Nice universal vibe. One of his better albums late in his career.

Great album which I think is a fitting follow up to R&G… kinda more pop-y in sound but fits snoops style. Production is dope and still gets mad spins from me. :startrak: :comet: :vulcan_salute:t4:

I still play the album from time to time

Not gone lie @PatrickPryor I still remember you and @Conrizzle trying to force me to listen to it, but being that y’all REALLY know me, knew that the headspace I was in when it dropped it wasn’t going to happen :rofl::rofl::sob: I’m calmer now and might give it a shot.



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I won’t lie; I didn’t even listen to this project honestly. Hell, I’ve just listened to No One Ever Really Dies (2017) album by N.E.R.D. for the first time this year on December 20, 2021. But California Roll was amazing. Definitely one for the books.

BUSH was definitely a sleeper

Meaning it was slept on or it was able to put you to sleep?

it was a dope album.