So what's been up with everyone?

What’s the update with everyone? How y’all feel mentally??? Hope everyone is good.

Life is too extreme. My past keeps haunting me when I sleep sometimes or when I’m out in public and see the face of my childhood adversaries [that’d still suck their teeths and roll their eyes at me and not look at me], for one. Secondly, I really hope all controversial beefs around everybody’s mind and spirit, whether it’s the internet or in-person, die TF down. Thirdly, one of my crazy and controversial fears also keep haunting my mind and my body.

I know I’m gonna get caught in 8K saying this, but why I’m elaborating one of my controversial fears of mostly having my physical appearances laughed at because I’ve been barely mature for years. It’s like a kid getting bullied for his/her disability, and bullies not knowing. It’s also like being depressed and feeling you can’t stand what you look like in the mirror or on camera, and then pretending to live with it when you know you’re barely living with it. But this one I’ve been going through for years, I’m learning at this rate that I don’t think it’d be wise nor appropriate to disclose what it is.