Something In The Water 2022

Anyone thinking about going? I missed the first one but I’m definitely pulling up for the next one. I have a feeling we’re going to get a Clipse reunion.


Hopefully I’ll watch the whole thing on YouTube at home though.

I’m in there lol. I need to get my money up for that yellow experience pass lmao.

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I’m going for sure

We’ll see, I don’t know if I’ll still be stateside.

Mannn I think it ain’t coming back y’all…. Madskills posted this

How I’m looking at it, I don’t know if that’s a possible soon.


After seeing the reply to Pharrell’s letter…that shit is over.

I looked at it as him taking the event elsewhere, so that he could reiterate the financial loss.
But I can see him not wanting to promote the region while he has that issue.

Looks like it might be moving to Norfolk

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I will catch headaches spitting this out, but just because Pharrell wants justice for his family (including his late cousin), we pray the people that live in or take over Virginia better not turn on him. No matter if P decides to cancel SITW 2022, and we, as viewers or fans, gotta start accepting that.

And If I come back on the gram and Pharrell still have the “fuck the police” mindstate, then I’m finna have the same mindstate as his.

I ain’t tryna front like I’m from Virginia because I’m not. I’m from Bridgeport. My best friend was killed downtown by police in 2017, literally outside of Walgreens.

And of course, I have to agree that every part of police brutality or any other toxicity on Earth really needs to die down some more. (Excuse my dark insights.)

Why I feel like he has that FTP mindstate is the reason why I remember watching every protest against police brutality with a headache. (Please don’t take that out of context.) Or how about just taking hiatuses from television news and social media, and find multiple routes of escape from this world.

And one of Virginia’s officials wanna waste time asking Pharrell if he’s still doing SITW 2022, not knowing he’s still pissed that them cops killed his cousin?

I watched P’s speech at his cousin’s funeral before, he paid his respects, and so did everybody from in and out of nowhere.

I dunno if Norfolk big enough… well at least to do it by the water. VA Beach Oceanfront has the boardwalk and the all the hotels in that area, they will probably have the get a venue for Norfolk. I’m not sure there is even anything big enough, SITW had like 30,000 people there. No venue I know of hold that many people and to have the setup similar to what they had.