The A$AP Ferg x Pharrell project is real!

This project will be the first one in a long while fully produced by Pharrell (as far as I know) that sees the light of day. Someone in my circle works closely wit Ferg and I was able to hear some of it. I’m excited! I’ve heard about half of the project so far. I fw what I heard heavy. That Gospel sounding joint is supposed to be on there too.

Y’all remember the rumored/scrapped projects with Mac Miller, Asher Roth?


“West 6” was my favorite out of the A$AP bunch that leak. I love Mac Miller feat. Pharrell - Dreams. On another note…I hope that G-Eazy record drops. That’s probably my favorite out of the unreleased stuff.

West 6 sounds like it could’ve been for Snoop. All the joints I’ve heard have a lot more energy than that. Big name rap features too and they all make sense…That G-Eazy leak was torch!

I was thinking that as well for West 6. Sounds like “BUSH” era Snoop.

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We need a thread to share unreleased tracks!!


That thread would be 4 pages long lol

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That track whipping up a watch feat quavo KNOCKS so damn hard!! I need the world to hear it. Needs a fire visual!!!

Also how great is it to have this forum back!!

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A$AP Ferg - West 6

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yeaaah I fw this joint too! I didn’t hear it on the project tho

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Daaamn i cant wait for that shit

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“West 6” is DJ Khalil, I believe.

awwwwwwwwwwwww mannnnnnnnnnnnn I’ve been tricked!

This joint drops tomorrow. The full vid is crazy and P really got weird with the vocals on this one.

Are we not gonna discuss how :exploding_head::exploding_head::milky_way::milky_way:crazy this Beat is!? And the fact ferg is saying startrak on this! This is major


Yo I feel you. This just the beginning. They’re more crazy records on the tape too. This joint got me excited cuz the visual mad trippy and Pharrell’s vocals on the hook are SICK.


Always been an Ferg fan. But the fact that he’s tapping into this sound and doing all this star trak stuff. Its a perfect match. Literally can’t wait to see the outcome. Only thing missing from the video was a cameo from pharrell and Chad. The synths on the chorus bring everything together!! :vulcan_salute::vulcan_salute:


Wow, I son’t even think I’m ready to comprehend all of this. It does sound good from the teaser above. I know when this drops, it may be played in the streets (Harlem). I know it’s not the same artist, but I remember one night walking home and some dudes were on the block blasting Certified Neptunes by Moneybagg Yo. Felt old thinking, “Times are really changing, huh?”

I can’t get into the hook (if you can call it that). Not really catchy. Everything else I like.

I actually love the hook on this one more than Ferg’s verses. It’s something about the way Pharrell sings those lyrics. I always dig the stuff inspiring me to go further.