The Neptunes: The Other Side of the Planet (Complete Neptunes Discography Collection) 2020 Update [Presented by HTHLND & Cory Townes]

For those that want to catch up on everything The Neptunes have done over the years.


Nice! Will there ever be an updated one ?

I believe so. This is from 91-2020.

Thank you!

Thanks Pat for posting this! Cory & I really appreciate it.

First, I have to give credit for Mika for finding a lot of these because I’ve seen him say some things about it but all of the edits he did have all have his name to them so I’m really not sure why he felt that way cause none of this shit belongs to any of us lol. Anyway, all I did was round all of the songs up and release them. I also did all of the artwork, tagging and organization. Cory handled the promotion and getting the word around. (We also got together and did a KAYTRANADA discography that’s on my site as well!)

The first revision was like fall 2012. Due to the demand, we did a major update fall 2017 right after ComplexCon and then I did one more summer 2020. I’ve probably spent more time on this project than I’ve ever wanted to but it is my life’s work and it was entirely worth it. P and his team somehow caught wind of it and that’s an interesting story of its own that I’m willing to tell if anyone wants to hear.

As far as the project update, I don’t see myself doing another revision because there’s so much reshuffling and moving around songs, deleting repeats etc etc. it’s a fucking headache to be honest. But I’m happy that it’s been well received by everyone because that’s all we ever wanted, to share the music! Much love y’all.



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Good call him in here.

Hey whats happening, Ive tried to contact Corey through Twitter but he didnt answer any of my questions. Sharing music, especially the neptunes one has been my passion since the year 2000, so the thing that I dont like is that you guys didnt give any credits to me for finding 70% of the 2023 songs that are available right now and fixing/editing almost 500 songs of them, that is all :slight_smile:

BTW, yall missing 557 Kaytranada tracks, I can gladly help you guys out! :wink:

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:+1:t5:Cool story.

Again, NONE of any of this belongs to ANY of us, edits or not. It’s been almost 10 years since the project was released but I see folks still feel a way about it, not my problem.

In the LEAST, if anything, the credit belongs to P and Chad for giving us the music to fuel and enrich our lives.

To reference a tweet from Carmack you posted:

I think we’re good though. That was a fun time for us but I think we have both have moved on quite a bit from those projects.

Have a blessed evening!