The Neptunes WORKING working

Just happy to see everything come back full circle. Don’t get me wrong…P had some great solo years (Miami Pharrell) but it’s great seeing P and Chad back together.

A part of me wish they would re-record “In Search Of” because P singing vocals are 20 times better than what they were back then. It won’t happen because P hates the past but I can only dream.


That would be pretty dope. Or at least get back to the organic feel of Spymob & N.E.R.D. just doing their thing without placing too much focus on evolutionizing sound to fit the times. I think that’s what gives artists their own signature sound that you can’t get anywhere else. That’s one of the reasons why I was drawn to N.E.R.D. No features, no additional writers, just them.


When I was 14-15, a part of me wishes the same, but a sequel to In Search of…