The Safe (1-5) ('16-'21)

The Safe: The Remix Album

The Safe 2: The Remix Album

The Safe 3: The Remix Album

The Safe 4: The Remix Album

The Safe 5: The Remix Album

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That clipse track is def my favorite song at the moment

Mr. Me Too or The Funeral?

The funeral. I was listening to the whole album omw to six flags rn, sooo good bro. Fr

The remix joints I made, or the original joints Clipse did? Either way, I’m glad you’re enjoying the music.

Your remixes lol. No lie i enjoy them more than the originals. That “use your imagination” track is wow. Makes me feel like im on a beach in brazil just zoning out

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Yeah, I was high off the old-fashioned Neptunes drum kits and catalog, whilst flipping them with my own twist to it like everyone else.

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I remember struggling at 14 years old seeking presets after presets, sound kits after sound kits, and so on. [Especially these instruments from way back. I was one of them dudes trying to bring the early 2000s back. Lol] One of them was the KORG joints they used before us.

I didn’t have KORG percs and/or sound kits yet, until the homie Reon Vanger DM’d me the joint [that Tenny Whyte from PEACECAMP also used] in 2017. I enjoyed the rest, especially most of my catalog.

2018 and/or 2019 finally came the presets I’ve been dying to use for 5 years, The KORG Triton VST.

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My opinion.
My remix to Clipse’s Mr. Me Too [on Bandcamp] was-is still super special to me than the original, especially a few years back before I deleted my old Windows data due to blue screens and errors in 2020.

I don’t know if anything musical I do is worth any hype, but I did the joint justice using Reason 10, and even stretching the acapella tempo to an upbeat.

Shout out to Mika (from

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