Today is February 1, 2022. I'mma still need to get this off my chest just in case

When I was in elementary school and high school, I barely even knew how to analyze and reflect on how deep but worth studying Black history is. I was used as a see-through, making immature jokes about my own kind, thinking them jokes were funny. But really, they’re not funny.

Now that I’m older, I never thought I’d reflect fully like this before. I realized that my own kind has been through a lot of tough times for years. I’m 20 years old still, but I’m still in pain over my past. I did not mean to verbally assassinate my own kind in my past. Coming to my senses forever in this present, just imagine if I’m becoming one of them ones of Black history due to the change of self.

It’s still hard for me to stay black due to all of the controversies I keep causing and all the craziness I got through afterwards. But either way, I’m finna forever stay black. I was born like this. I cannot kill off the fact that I’m still black. I cannot let nobody disrespect this melanin. This melanin is a gift. This melanin must be protected infinitely.

So now, I’mma teach the others to respect black history fully, and to also not twist the concept and true facts about us. This may be controversial to you, but the truth is that every February is still declared Black History Month. It’ll forever be declared just that. I’m tired of all these hypocrites misconstruing this joint right here (whether they’re majors, independents, or fall-offs). I’m proud and loud AF to learn as to why I’m still black.

We may have our future ahead of us, but you’ll NEVER permanently erase our history. You’ll NEVER permanently erase the fact that we study Black history and this observance. Remember you own history too. Mostly importantly…


You don’t respect the melanin history, you don’t respect ALJ.

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