Usher - You Remind Me (Redo) - The Neptunes Inspired

LOL! Just some nostalgia from when I used to share little 45 second parts of some of my tracks I was creating back in the day up on this Beats section. I was using a cheap little Cannon video cam to jot down super rough draft ideas and stuff. I can’t begin to say how much original material I have accumulated on my own. I never did too many remakes but it was always fun. I was pretty hesitant about sharing them at first but everybody was very cool up on here so I got a lot of confidence from you guys who were very accepting and encouraged me to share more of my work. I think that helped create more solid friendships with a few of you throughout the years. We were all younger, growing up creatively on here, coming to understand the chords of our soul. That’s pretty dope to think about.

This redo was Neptunes inspired.

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