Varnish La Piscine

What do you guys think about him? Not too many people can do the Neptunes sound and he’s one of the best to do it.


Definitely the best for me! What he does for Makala is so fire too

Varnish & all that whole crew from Switzerland my fav artists right now, wish they would tour the US

Hell ya, would love if they did a North American tour.

Dope artists.

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HE LIKE THAT! he definitely pulled the sound off and still making doing his own thing with it. Dude everything he produce is crazy. I got a few of my homies up in Jersey hip

Btw I have a Spotify playlist with everything produced by him, thought some of you could be interested so : Spotify


Yea! A fan of Tyler’s asked him what he thought and he said it was cool. I know that he got some of his influences for CMIYGL.

Yea that love boat joint def sound neps. Drum choices to vocal chops in the beat.

Love him. Def someone i look up to production wise.

This is my first time of hearing of this dude.

Definitely check him out

Bro, his beats are insane. I just don’t like that I can not mentally translate what he is saying. But his beats… I can’t form words.

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