VIDYA game music?

I’m not a huge halo fan although I was heavy in the Halo street back when Halo 2 dropped, but as time went on I… and a lot of people, tend to have forgotten about Halo, especially since the creators went on to make other games. But playing the beta… it might have been some of the most fun I had in a long time even when I was getting dog walked by a squad. But playing the game I realized… this game got a fire soundtrack and it got me thinking back of some of the game that had fire soundtracks that were also fire games.

I say all that to ask you all, what are some pieces of video game music you love and may even take the time to listen to the soundtrack on your spare time, what song you heard on the game that had you stop and hit the pause button or just allowed yourself to lose just so you can hear it again?

Some GTA, Saints Row, Mario, Sonic, Call of Duty, any good games gotta have some banger soundtracks.

And yo. What if we all make our music for video games, commercials, movies, TV series, etc?

Honestly, I feel more inspired to make music for games than for any other media at times, especially when I hear music I like.

I love Phantasy Star Online music, to me, one of the best OST’s I’ve ever heard, Streetfighter III 3rd Strike was also fire, once I heard Ken’s stage and how the beat switches up each round!!!

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Jet grind radio and jet set radio future are two of the most fire game sound tracks (and games) of their era imo

Halo always had dope music too, complimented the game play so perfectly

The soundtrack to Far Cry 3 : Blood Dragon videogame. The synth by Power Glove goes nuts. Reminds me of the Terminator theme

AH how could I forget Jet set/Grind. There is supposed to be a spiritual successor of it coming out, I forget what it is called tho.

And you’re right Halo always had good music, but I never just sat and chilled out to Halo music like this before . The music is specifically the multiplayer menu

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Also, when Elon Musk starts sending people to Mars, this theme needs to be played

PSO’s soundtrack is an absolute classic.

Other examples of game soundtracks I’m really into are Sonic CD, Ridge Racer Type 4, Silent Hill 2, most soundtracks for the Mega Man Series, and OSTs for some niche shoot em ups like Battle Garegga, Dodonpachi Black Label etc.

The scores for Mass effect, Jedi Fallen Order & Mercenaries 2 are some of the best video game music ever. Honorable mention is the Classical Music station on Forza Horizon 5.

Jedi Fallen order was dope.

Another game I almost forgot, Nier Automata

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I’ll try to hear the Halo music tonight… too busy getting fkn shot.