Want to know how old you really are?

Go ahead and mark the times you’ve seen yourself


If you never seen:


You not that old.

And if Loic never cursed you out you really not that old.


Damn…19 seconds. This had to be 2007-08 in my early 20’s. I was down bad. (according to how I was dressing)

This was also the year I stopped making music for a year.

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Yeah I need for @BOSSANOVA11 to come in here and spit them new bars



Don’t give up.

2001 plus 2021 equals me being 20 years old.

Music wise, I was a fan of gospel and R&B before Pharrell and all 'em after I was born.

Oh never!!! I just need a break at the time. I’m 100 times better than the person in that video. Forever a legend.

Aye, they found their way here too!!??

I remember some of these photos even though I’m not in this video lol. Must have been some profile pictures. I also remember that star trak logo flipping and morphing in to media when you hovered over them

I’ll bet none lol I wasn’t posting photos.

There was another one of these videos that I was on, but dunno where that video is.

1:32 LOL wowwwww

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I feel all left out. Smh. I may not have even been old enough for this at the time. I wish I had pictures like these.