What Neptunes produced song did you love

What Neptunes produced song did you love back in the day but can’t stand now that you’re older?

Can’t stand is a strong word BUT I used to think Yummy by gwen was that next minimalistic type futuristic Neptunes beat that should sit besides grinding and hot and blows my mind. But I now can’t tolerate it ha

Weird, I’m literally listening to it now as I came across this post … and still loving it! :smiley:

Fatty Girl (Neptunes Remix, with Ludacris, LL Cool J and Keith Murray). The snare still bang like a MF.

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I remember hearing the caught out there instrumental for the first time ever and I lost my shit. Now it’s just “meh” to me.

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Truth or Dare (Digital)

Didn’t you mean the original version?

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“Can I Have It Like That,” Gwen started getting on my nerves after a while lol. I think I was over hyped just to hear that premier from his long anticipated album. When the smoke cleared lol, I felt other songs from the album should have been given more of the spotlight.

How come you didn’t like Gwen?

@anthonylouisjohnson It’s not that I don’t like her. I did love the song when it came out but the hype died out quick. The sound of her adlibs on that particular song was repetitive to where I kept hearing it in my head. The overall production was something I got bored with really quick once I sat there and really listened to it. There wasn’t enough mental stimulation for me to stay interested. I felt like she was more in her element with that N.E.R.D. vibe when “Hella Good” came out. Rock music & Ska is a part of her roots so it sounds more natural to me.

Gwen got one of the illest Neptunes bridges on Hella Good and said “Oooooh yeah yeahhhhh”. She was not wavy at all.


On & On by Missy Elliott

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Allure by Jay-Z.

I came to this thread all hype thinking,“How am I going to even list anything? There’s just too many beats I love from them.” Just to find out, we’re actually talking about beats that we loved earlier and then disliked. I don’t even know how to properly respond to this… @LDN I just listened to this and honestly can’t believe this is real. I’ve never heard this until now. @anthonylouisjohnson Fatty Girl isn’t that bad honestly. It sort of reminds me of Danger from Mystikal. It almost sounds like something that would be on the background of an old 2k game or Street Hoops, better yet. @CoreyJ Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That beat still drives me crazy. I love every bit of it honestly. @Dronq Señorita though? Wow. This thread has truly left me amazed and has taught me so far that everyone truly has a different ear. I remember hearing that song for the first time in 10th Grade and falling in love with the groove of it. @INSIGHT Truth or Dare (original) is like, “OH MAH GAWD FAWELL, HOW DID Y’ALL COME UP WIT DIS…” I love every second of that track. My hear is melting as I type this. @DOPEnProper I totally get that honestly. After all the hype it’s like,“Okay… What’s next?” To be real, “Can I Have It Like That” sounds like luxury to me. God, it just makes me think of the countless times I’ve played dress up (in OG BBC/Ice Cream or Bape) while blasting the In My Mind album. Looking in the mirror and lip-syncing as if I’m in a music video. I literally remember looking at a part of the music video at my grandmothers house while watching his Dateline interview. That was magical for me. @thecollinb I’ve never heard of that song ever. I’m actually about to go listen to this right now. OMG I never knew the name of this song but I do remember the tune. I’m a bit hyped on this. The hook is pretty good, can’t wait for this bridge to come up. Bro, this hook is beautiful. I mean, sure, she was minimalistic with the lyrics; but it truly gave the music a chance to breath and also allow the instruments to do this singing. Are they playing Jet Set Radio in the music video?! @PharrellFanatic WHAT!!! I had to YouTube this, but my face melted when I heard this beat. I remember being in elementary school and this was blasting. I never even knew they produced this. MY GOD… THIS BEAT GOT ME CRACKING CODES TO THE MATRIX. NUMBERS COMPUTING ALL THROUGH MY MIND. GOT ME ZONED LIKE RAVEN WHEN SHE HAS VISIONS. IT’S THE FUTURE I CAN SEE!!! @anthonylouisjohnson Allure?! That beat is so amazing to me. I wish I made that, honestly. Those chords hitting and the strings harmonizing. It’s like a heartwarming, inspiration scene in a movie through form of audio. And the small clip in the Fade To Black documentary… I had to download that thing to my Hard Drive. With the Bape General hoodie, shorts, with the Bapesta’s. I can’t even contain myself. Don’t even get me started on that ring he had on. Bro… I wore my Roc-A-Fella Jay-Z retirement jersey while watching this. I will be doing things like this, no doubt. Recreating that feeling, that is. I truly respect all of your opinions on here, I’m just really a huge fan of these people and their music. There would be no me without them and their creations.