What new Neptunes production are you looking forward to?

I’m really excited to hear what the Neptunes and Pusha T cooked up


ASAP FERG first single out Oct 29


In the nearer future or maybe a few more years… hopefully a reunion between Kelis and the Neps so they can finally stop beefing.

Pigs will fly before that happens

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Rihanna, Normani, Chloe Bailey, Don Toliver.


How come? And please know I got nothing but sympathy for any female artists staying true, even Kelis. No disrespect at all. But in my opinion, I was and still just tired of her snitching, and I’m also tired of dealing with the fact that Kelis and the Neps were broken up. I know this because the fans are starving for that same hope like me.

If pigs fly, pigs fly.