What's everybody been up to on the work front?

I got some things I’m getting organized for today but I’ll come back later and share a little. I look forward to catching up with you guys!

I teach at a high school, special education. No two days are the same but I like it.


@thecollinb That’s great! Being a teacher is such a rewarding job. Definitely no similar days when it comes to the kiddos lol. They sure do keep you on your toes, that’s about the only consistent thing lol.

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I have my own art business, I get hired for artistic projects in my community and I love the spontaneity of it. Some days I go on location to paint murals or I’ll be working from home on commissioned pieces. I’m getting two pieces ready for an exhibit coming up in November so I’m excited for that. I still create music, I have my own band now. Besides art and music, I’m a volunteer N.A. Sponsor and spiritual wellness mentor in my tribe so I do one on one sessions with people overcoming drug addictions or life issues. I plan on going back to school to finish getting my Doctorate in Addiction Psychology after I’m done paying my tuition. I had to put school aside cause I was getting tested and undergoing treatments for cancer. My medical schedule made me fall behind. But I’m healing one day at a time. I’m just focused on doing what makes me happy. :blush:


I work in Smart Home Administration. Everyday I feel like I babysit adults.

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Very fortunate to do this music thing full time. Being active in the business for a long time is a blessing.


Bro that’s a beautiful job. I’m sure you will hold a special place in the students hearts.

You are very blessed, this would be a dream come true for me.